Sunday, November 25, 2012


A lot of trees have been cut down at the end of Anarewa Crescent by the person who has built a house (hardly a bach) on the old BB Jones property. As well as mature black beech trees there were many other trees both on his property and on the foreshore reserve blocking his view from the disgusting looking house that were cut down. 
The view of the land from the sea is in no way improved. I would rather see trees on the headland (even if they are scrub) than a house on fairly bare land as I noticed on rowing past the headland. 
Have a look at the Nelson Mail article on the action; also the comments made by various people.
If he has maori inheritance, does he come from a local iwi? Anyway, such desecration of the environment is hardly condoned by the Treaty of Waitangi.
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Apparently the owner of the property has also built his swimming pool on reserve land. It will be rather embarrassing to remove it.